Trusted Service Providers (October 2019 Update)

Big Blue Services

Big Blue is primarily a pool & spa care firm, but they also offer services such as landscape care.  Based out of Corolla, I know them personally – they take care of my own pool & spa – and I’ve seen them make miracles happen on pools that are just too ugly to think about getting in.  Their idea of care goes beyond the pool & spa – if they see something goofy with some other aspect of your property, they will sound the alarm. 

Contact Big Blue at 252.244.7900 or on the web at  

Action Plumbing

Action is the operative word with these folks.  Fast response & fast Action from a skilled team of pros in the field and at the main office.  They also communicate very well and take the time to make sure you know what the problem is, what your options are, and what they did to make things right.  Great services at a fair price.

Reach them at 252.441.9992 or at

J. Pugh Electrical Contracting & Repairs

John Pugh of J. Pugh Services is a skilled and reliable licensed electrician that I've come to rely on for both business and personal needs.  From repairs to new installation, John can address your needs promptly and at a fair price.

Contact John at 252.207.5457 or by email at

OB Heating & Cooling

Now operating on the OBX as part of the One Hour Heating and Air group, I love these folks so much they service my own HVAC.  They also service several other Eyes & Ears customers in a prompt and professional manner.  Their techs are great, explain things well and go the extra mile to make sure the HVAC systems they service are as good as they can be.  Visit them at

Leon Villamil Painters

Joel Villamil and his crew do excellent work at reasonable prices, and best of all, they are very, very careful with your property.  Drop cloths, masking and more keep the paint on your walls and not on the floor or furniture.  They have worked at several Eyes & Ears customer properties and soon will be doing work at my own home!

Macko Construction Outer Banks

Macko Construction on the Outer Banks has done work at several Eyes & Ears customer properties and soon at my own home.  Interior & Exterior, projects small, big and huge -- they get the job done.  Prompt, professional, skilled & responsive,   Contact them at 252.480.6411 or on the web at 

More Trusted Vendors

Ritchie Pools & Spas

For pool leak detection and resurfacing, Ritchie is at the top of my list.  They have done great work for my customers and neighbors.  You may not have to spend $30K on a new pool - Ritchie may be able to resurface it, making it beautiful and stopping leaks.  Contact them at 252.202.1509 or at

Schuster Landscaping & Concrete

For landscaping/hardscaping & concrete (new or repairs) Dave Schuster tops my list.  Professional, reliable and communicates well.  Dave has done work for my customers, sometimes in true "emergency" situations.  Dave is also a wizard at dealing with rain and ground water problems. Call Dave at 252-202-2006.

Bluewater Restoration

I can not say enough good things about Bluewater Restoration.  I’ve met many of their field people on-site at remediation and restoration jobs and they are all knowledgeable, professional, and communicate well with me and the property owners.  The work Bluewater has done for my customers is done with care.  It’s never a good situation when Bluewater needs to be involved, but when you need a restoration job, I highly recommend going to Bluewater first.  You can reach them at 252.491.2500 and

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