Services Offered

Interior Services


Leaking toilets & sinks, hair clogs, a 'fridge that won't get cold...we've seen it all and can take care of most of it either on-the-spot or through a vendor.  See Interior Services for more.

Exterior Services


Nail pops, siding problems, wobbly deck railings, gaps in the underpinning...we see them!  If we can't fix it, we work with you to get help.  See Exterior Services for more.

Lot Services


We take care of the way your lot looks!  A clean lot is a good first impression to renters.  See Lot Services for more!

Repair Services


Things Break.  They wear out, or rust, or rot.  Eyes & Ears can take care of may routine repair needs quickly and affordably.  See Repair Services for more!

Vendor Coordination


Things break and things leak.  Sometimes it's an easy fix and sometimes one or more pros need to be called in.  Rely on our Vendor Coordination offerings to keep you informed.

Special Services


We take on special projects to build new things, hang blinds, replace faucets, and help you navigate (from afar) the permits and inspections needed to get a special job done.  See Special Services for more!