Repair Services


Just Do It!

For contract customers, if we find a problem that takes about 5 minutes to fix and does not require any new parts, we Just Do It.  No Charge.  Examples include tightening a towel bar or TP holder, clearing a slow drain, or re-seating a slider screen.  Items like this are a source of many guest complaints.

Stop the Bleeding!

For contract customers, if I find an issue that poses a danger to the occupants or the property, I will immediately take action to minimize the risk or damage.  I will then contact you regarding nest steps.  Examples include: broken or leaking pipes; failed deck railings or stairs; humming or popping switches and outlets; and indoor water penetration.


Routine Upkeep

  • Toilet repair
  • Faucet replacement
  • Doorknob & lock replacement
  • New window blinds
  • Pool gate & latch repair
  • Screen repair
  • And more!

Storm Prep

Most maintenance companies offer a Storm Prep service and do a very good job.  But if severe weather is on the way and you need someone NOW, Eyes & Ears is ready!

Services include: Ensuring all windows, doors and blinds are closed and secure; Securing outdoor furniture and pool equipment; Securing trash cans and anything else that might blow away; and putting things back in order after the storm.

Special Services

Eyes & Ears offers special services that your maintenance company might not be able to get to in a timely manner.  Examples include: Furniture Repair; Outdoor Cleaning of deck/pool furniture; weed control; and any other ideas you may have!

The Bottom Line

Eyes & Ears is not in competition with your property management service.  Rather, we offer to fill the gaps when they can't meet your time/cost needs.  And, we can make their lives easier by pointing them to the exact issue, in the exact location.  Our goal is to keep your guests safe & happy and to protect your investment.