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I Wonder if the Beach House is OK?

Eyes & Ears is a property caretaker service for vacation rental properties in Corolla, NC on the Outer Banks.  Our goal, as the name implies, is to be local eyes and ears for owners who can’t just “pop down” to check on their Corolla property at a moment’s notice.  Given the tough weather conditions and stress on a property during the rental season, a lot of bad things can happen to a beach house in a short period of time – that is, unless someone is going by on a regular and frequent basis to make sure things are secure, safe, and sound.

Eyes & Ears fills an important gap in the total services offerings available for property owners.  If you work with a rental/property management company, they will most often be at your property when they need to be – when you or a guest brings something to their attention.  They will arrive, address the issue, and head on to their next job.  If you want a special visit -- just to check on things -- you might be charged their standard hourly rates and your request might not be a high priority.  If your property is not rented during the summer, it may be weeks between visits to the property by anyone who cares about its condition.  And, during the off-season, everyone needs a set of Eyes & Ears looking out for them!

Check out our "Eyes Wide Open" blog (just below) for things you should know as a rental property owner on the Outer Banks!

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Learn how Eyes & Ears Property Caretaker can help keep your Outer Banks rental property Secure, Safe & Sound

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Customer Quotes

Ms. S - Maryland

"I love getting a response from you in a few hours, if not a few minutes!  I'm used to waiting days for the rental company to get back to me."

Ms. K - Virginia

"I wish we had found you sooner.  The plumbing leak went on for weeks before anyone noticed, and it cost us half a season of rentals.  You would have spotted this right away."

Mr. J -- Virginia

"It is such a blessing to have you watching out for things.  My wife and I sleep a lot better at night."

Ms. G - Texas

"I think the guests behave better and take better care of things when they know you are around.  Stopping by to meet each renter goes a long way."

Mr. and Mrs. B - Tokyo, Japan

"The damage would not have been found and fixed without your being there.  Being so far away, it's good to know you are right there."

Ms. K - New York

"It is so nice to know that you’re looking out for us. We feel like we’ve made a friend- thank you!!"