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A storm just hit – or is about to hit. Your rental party of 12 just left after a wild week in Corolla. Your water bill for the month was way out of line. Temperatures are going to be below freezing for 3 days. The toilet over-flowed 3 times last week. Your Corolla neighbor’s home was broken into. The washing machine just died. Did my Deep Clean really happen?  Is the re-siding project on track?

As the remote owner of a property in Corolla, NC, what keeps you awake at night?

And, are you getting prompt answers and ideas from the company you already pay to manage your Corolla property?

Eyes & Ears is a property caretaker service for vacation rental properties in Corolla, NC on the Outer Banks.  Our goal, as the name implies, is to be local eyes and ears for owners who can’t just “pop down” to check on their Corolla property at a moment’s notice.  Given the tough weather conditions and stress on a property during the rental season, a lot of bad things can happen to a beach house in a short period of time – that is, unless someone is going by on a regular and frequent basis to make sure things are secure, safe, and sound.

Eyes & Ears fills an important gap in the total services offerings available to rental property owners.   Many owners are frustrated with the scant information and insight they get from their property management company.  Many find it hard to engage qualified and reliable vendors for repairs.  Many sit wondering and worrying about the work a vendor is doing.


Eyes & Ears is a property caretaker, with the emphasis on CARE. We just don’t watch bad things happen and report them to you. We anticipate; we prevent; we react; we guide; and we care for your Corolla home as if it was our own.

Check out our "Eyes Wide Open" blog (just below) for things you should know as a rental property owner on the Outer Banks!

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Customer Quotes


Ms. S - Maryland

"I love getting a response from you in a few hours, if not a few minutes!  I'm used to waiting days for the rental company to get back to me."

Ms. K - Virginia

"I wish we had found you sooner.  The plumbing leak went on for weeks before anyone noticed, and it cost us half a season of rentals.  You would have spotted this right away."

Mr. J -- Virginia

"It is such a blessing to have you watching out for things.  My wife and I sleep a lot better at night."

Ms. G - Texas

"I think the guests behave better and take better care of things when they know you are around.  Stopping by to meet each renter goes a long way."

Mr. and Mrs. B - Tokyo, Japan

"The damage would not have been found and fixed without your being there.  Being so far away, it's good to know you are right there."

Ms. K - New York

"It is so nice to know that you’re looking out for us. We feel like we’ve made a friend- thank you!!"